C and R Wax Bullets

How to make shells for shooting Wax Bullets

The following instructions for creating wax bullets shells were written by "Wild" Bill Duff, and are reproduced here with his approval. Thanks Bill.

The following instructions describe how to make wax bullet firing shell cases that use shotgun primers.

You need the following;
45 LC Cases
Drill Press
Drill Press Table Vise - with vertical v-groove to hold case
Drill Bit - Size "D" (1/4")
Milling bit - 5/16" M42 flat end type
Place case in the v-groove of vise clamping the wall of the case with the rim resting on the top of the vise and clamp securely.

Centre case under drill chuck and secure vise to drill press table. The easiest way to centre the case is to place a drill bit in the chuck that is of a size to just fit inside the primer flash hole lowering the bit into the flash hole and securing the drill chuck in this lowered position. Next move the vise around until the case is centered on the smaller bit and then secure the vise to the drill press table. Once the vise is secured in position raise the chuck and replace the smaller drill bit with the "D" size bit.

With the drill on, lower the drill bit slowly so as not to bind in the case and drill completely through the old primer pocket and primer flash hole leaving a new hole fully through the case. Remove the case and repeat for each additional case you wish to make. It's easier to drill all the required cases with this hole at the same time once you are set up properly.

Once all the "D" size holes have been drilled in all of the cases, remove the "D" drill bit and replace it with the milling bit.

With the drill on, lower the milling bit and remove just enough of the case end metal to create a "seat" or lip on which the rim of the shotgun primer will rest and that will leave the top of the shotgun primer sitting flush with the top of the case. It is best to remove little bits at a time stopping the drill to test fit a shotgun primer until the seat created allows the primer to sit flush with the top of the shell case. Remember you can always take off a little more if you haven't drill in far enough - but you can't add metal if you drill in too far. If you drill in too far the shotgun primer will sit below the top of the case and the firing pin may not strike the primer, or if it does it may not be with enough force to detonate it.

I hope the foregoing provides you with sufficient information and details with which to make your own wax cases.

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