C and R Wax Bullets

  • won't shatter on impact - they flatten like a lead bullet
  • clean in the bore
  • can be used with a powder charge, not just shotshell primers
  • approved for World Fast Draw and Cowboy Fast Draw competitions
  • bullets available in .38 & .45 caliber, or cap & ball bullets in .44CB caliber (.451 diameter)
Wax Bullets

What are wax bullets? Wax bullets are exactly what they sound like - a bullet made of a wax compound. They may be used for Fast Draw competition, or simply as a cheap and easy way to practice with your single or double action revolver.

In Fast Draw, wax bullets are often loaded into the shell just prior to going onto the shooting line. The bullet is simply pressed into place with your fingers, then a shotshell primer is placed in the shell's specially counter-sunk primer pocket. Because of the ease of loading the wax bullet as compared to the process involved with creating a blank, many Fast Draw shooters practice with nothing but wax bullets. This also increases the skill of the shooter because of the increased accuracy required when shooting wax.

For pistol practice, many people simply use normal shells with regular pistol primers. These make for great close-range shooting practice.

If you're competing in Fast Draw, practicing Cowboy Action Shooting, or simply training with your revolver, C&R Wax Bullets are an inexpensive and simple way to go.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

$25.00 per Thousand in the U.S.
This price INCLUDES all shipping costs

$20.00 Per Thousand outside the U.S.
Shipping is extra

Please e-mail for quotes on shipping outside of the U.S.
(All fund in US$)

U.S.A. orders can
pay by credit card
through PayPal:

$25.00 per 1,000
(This price INCLUDES
all shipping costs)

.38 caliber
.45 caliber
.44 caliber
Cap & Ball
(.451 diam.)
Non U.S.A. orders
paid by credit card
through PayPal:

Please contact us to
establish total price
including shipping, then
fill in details using
PayPal button below.

Please remember to
include caliber, number
of bullets and total
price including shipping.

Overseas payments can be via electronic transfer

Any orders wishing to pay
by check or money order:

Make payable and send to:

C & R Wax
Bob Marshall
10197 Turner Drive
Middleton, Idaho 83644

If paying by check or money order please send payment to above address and include: Name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, caliber (.38 or .45 for regular bullets, .44CB for cap & ball), and check or money order for $25.00 per thousand (U.S. orders), which includes postage (1,000 = $25.00, 2,000 = $50.00, 3,000 = $75.00, etc.).

E-mail: ramhntrs@yahoo.com
Telephone: 208-484-4493
(between 8:00AM & 5:00PM Pacific Time, thank you)

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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