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Pouches and Belt Slides

Pouches and Belt Slides
(Clockwise from the top)

(Top center) Dyer pouch - Shown is civilian version or early M1874, hand-stitched only - $115.00
Military model with brass closure plate - $120.00
Antique Brown, Faded Arsenal or Black

(Upper right) Hazen-style (folded tab belt loop) cartridge belt slide. Price depends on number of loops and if pistol, rifle or shotgun - from $27.00 plus cartridge loops.

(Lower right) CSAP-3 cap pouch, wool-lined, wire cone pick, Faded Arsenal, Black, British Tan - $59.50

(Bottom center) SLP-1 Speed Loader Pouch for Double Action revolver speed loaders - $36.00
Double pouch - $60.00

(Lower left) CP-1/MCP-2 Cap & Pistol cartridge pouch, wool lined or with drilled wood block - $59.50 & $58.50

(Upper left) Slide-on cartridge or shotshell belt carrier. Shown with 4 shotshells - $34.00; varies with cartridge and number held.

We recommend you send for the catalog as it may answer questions about details not shown here.

When ordering belts, we must have an actual measurement around your waist at the point where you will wear the belt (over a pants belt, for example). If sometimes worn over a jacket, overcoat, etc., also include that actual measurement.

Shipping costs are $15 for the first belt or holster, plus $5 for additional items. If ordering small items alone, first item is $10. Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

We do a lot of custom work, so if you don't see what you want, please contact us.

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