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#1871 Abilene holster

With style "A" border stamping, unlined - $81.00

Shown with style "B" border stamping - $9.00 extra

Topgrain cowhide lining - $32.50

Shown in Antique Brown finish, but available in Faded Arsenal, or Black.
#1871 Abilene Holster
#1851 Utah Scout holster

A copy of an original used by a Utah peace officer to carry his '51 Colt's Navy revolver.

Sewn-in plug end w/strap & buckle closure (other buckles or stud fastener available), unlined - $85.00

Shown w/roll-over-top lining (red or matching color), or plain stitched-in lining - $32.50

Shown in Black, but also available in Antique Brown or Faded Arsenal.
#1851 Utah Scout Holster
U.S. Cavalry Pattern 1863 holster

Unlined - $89.00

Lining for body - $32.50

Several variations, rights & lefts avail. Body sizes for Rugers as well as original guns available. Fastener stud contoured from original.

Faded Arsenal, Black or Dark Tan color finishes.
U.S. Cavalry Pattern 1863 holster
#1893 Gila Bend holster

Base price - $85.00

Full lining including skirt - $38.00

A variety of conchos and studs available extra.

Faded Arsenal, Black or Antique Brown color finishes.
#1893 Gila Bend holster
For further details, we invite you to send for our 20 page illustrated catalog ($4.00).

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