Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting



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Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest-growing shooting sport to come along in years, and has spread far and wide around the globe.

Now, Jim Barnard, known to many by his Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) alias, "Trailrider", has written "Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting", intended to answer questions most often asked by newcomers to the sport... What is the sport all about? What kinds of guns and ammunition are required, and how do we choose the best ones for us? How do we dress the part (a very important aspect of the game), what holsters and belts are authentic, and how do we sight in our guns for this kind of shooting?

Throughout the book, safe gun handling and handloading practices are emphasized, providing a number of good tips for both newcomers and experienced shooters, alike. For more details, click on the links at left or below.

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Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting

Trialrider's Guide to-
Cowboy Action Shooting

by James W. Barnard
Alias "Trailrider"

Published by Pioneer Press

134 pages, 92 photographs, 13 drawings, appendix, index, 8 1/2 x 11.

ISBN: 1-877704-31-8