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Cartridge Belts and Buckles

Because of the wide variety of combinations of cartridge types, sizes and placement on the belt, our belts are priced with only the basic belt and buckle or belt plate, with cartridge loops priced separately, at so much per loop. This allows the customer to select the exact quantity, position and combination of cartridges to suit your particular requirements. Our catalog includes a table that can assist in determining the maximum number of loops possible, allowing for the number of holsters, pouches, belt slides, etc., you may also want to wear on the belt.

Sizes - To avoid confusion, please measure around your waist or wherever you will wear your cartridge belt, using a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string. We normally put holes in the belt that are 2-inches tighter and 3-inches looser. If at times you are going to wear your belt over the outside of a heavy coat, uniform jacket, etc., please include both measurements.

Colors - Available in the same colors as our holsters, including Antique Brown, Faded Arsenal.

Cartridge Belts and Buckles

(Top) CB-300 (2-in. wide) & CB-300R (2-1/2-in. wide) Hunting Cartridge belts. A one-piece belt that tapers to 1-3/4-in. at about the point of the hips, allowing the wearer to bend or sit more easily. The belt shown is a CB-300R, 2-1/2" wide, and set up with cartridge loops for .30-06 rounds with the double-row cartridge loops. Note the .44 Magnum cartridges in the top rifle loops. (Cartridges not included.) Prices from $58 plus cartridge loops, and up.

(Middle) CB-200 (2-in. wide) & CB-200R (2-1/2" wide) Western-style cartridge belt. The body is made from a single piece of 8-9 oz. thick leather, with sewn-on tongue and buckle billet. The belt shown is set up for .45 Long Colt cartridges. For use with two holsters, shotshell belt slides, etc., the number of cartridges should be reduced. Priced from $62 plus cartridge loops, and up.

We also offer our CM-100 and CM-100R Cartridge Money Belts (not shown), which consist of a single piece of leather, folded lengthwise and sewn along the top of the belt, forming the pocket for the secret compartment. The tongue and buckle billet are sewn to the body piece the same way as on the -200/-200R series belts. Priced from $90 plus cartridge loops, and up.

(Bottom) Leather military belts. We offer several patterns, including the so-called "prairie" or "thimble" belts, which were often modified waist and saber belts in use or left over from the Civil War. Cartridge loops were sewn to the belt bodies, offering more convenience and comfort for the trooper. Again, the number and placement of the loops would depend on the number of holsters, pouches, etc., the shooter wants to carry on the belt. These generally follow the Pattern of 1851 Waist belts. Authentic reproductions of the belt plates are included with the prices. Priced from $81 plus cartridge loops.

Buckles and Belt Plates - We offer a variety of these, the price of which is included in the base price of the belt. Military belt plates are not normally adaptable to the CB- and CM- series belts due to the way the military belts adjust for size. Consult our catalog for further details.

We also offer several different patterns of military sword and saber belts. Consult our catalog for details.

Cartridge loop prices:
  • Single-row Pistol Cartridge Loops (.38 Spl, .45 LC, etc. ) - $1.30 per loop
  • Single-row Rifle Cartridge Loops (.45-70, etc.) - $1.65 per loop
  • Double-row Rifle Cartridge Loops (.30-06, etc.) - $2.60 per ctg
  • Single-row Shotshell loops (20, 16, 12, 10 ga.) - $2.50 per loop

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