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James W. Barnard
Alias "Trailrider", SASS #896

James W. Barnard, know to many by his SASS alias, "Trailrider", has been shooting in Cowboy Action Shooting events for nearly a decade, and is one of the original members of the Colorado Shaketails. He is owner and president of Trailrider Products, manufacturer of holsters, belts and accessories for the hunter and cowboy action shooter.

A former Air Force officer and aerospace engineer, Jim has been handloading and conducting ballistics research for over 35 years, and has published a number of articles on shooting, handloading, and gun collecting. He co-authored an article on the Remington Over and Under Double Derringer, which appeared in Man at Arms magazine.

An avid history buff, particularly on U.S. military history, Jim enjoys researching some of the lesser-known aspects and personalities of the Civil War and Indian War campaigns. In one instance, starting with nothing more that a name "Pell" carved in the stock of a Sharps Carbine, Jim, in over a 20 year period, tracked the life and activities of Henry Pell, a young civilian teamster employed by the Army during Gen. Crook's Big Horn & Yellowstone Expedition in 1876.

Not looking only at the past, Jim would like to see a push to expand our exploration of space, the "Final Frontier," which he believes would provide an outlet to our boundless energies and frontier spirit!

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James W. Barnard - aka: Trailrider
Welcome to the fire! Lite an' set, and pour yourself a cup, while I tell you about my book, "Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting".

Cowboy Action Shooting is just about the fastest-growing shooting sport to come on the scene in the last decade. Over the past years, I've been asked, and gladly answered a bunch of questions by people interested in getting started in the sport... questions like, "What's it all about?", "What kind of guns and ammo are required?", "How do I put together a costume?", and many others. After awhile, it occurred to me that the answers to these and other questions ought to be put together into a book that could be read and used as a reference.

So, here she is! While intended to guide newcomers, I've tried to make the various topics interesting and informative to "pilgrims" and "old hands" alike."

       Ride easy, Pards,

       Jim Barnard,
       Alias, "Trailrider"
       SASS #896