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About Billy the Kid - Lots of information on the life of Billy the Kid, includes an in-depth biography and much more.
Billy The Kid Outlaw Gang - A site dedicated to preserving the history of Billy The Kid.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's last days - Detailing the last days of this duo, with info on visiting the Bolivian locations.
Dalton Outlaw Gang - Lots of information on the Dalton/Johnson family history.
Friends & Family of Badman Soapy Smith - The official site for America'a king of the Frontier Bunco Men, Soapy Smith.
Gravesite photos for famous Westerners - Grave site pictures and information on many western gunfighters, lawmen and outlaws.
The Gunslinger's place - Stories of gunfighters and the old west
'Doc' Holliday - Lots of info on Wyatt's best bud.
Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait - Karen Holliday Tanner's book about her famous cousin. Lots of new insights.
The History Net - American History - Lots of great historical facts and stories throughout this site.
Jesse James In Texas - New information about Jesse James and the 1995 exhumation of his purported grave.
John Wesley Hardin - Good information on Hardin, one of the most vicious killers in the old west.
Kansas Gunfighters - Info on gunfighters who lived in Kansas (lots of famous names).
The Lady Outlaw's Hideout - A site devoted to outlaws, including Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Sam Bass, Seaborn Barnes, and Pearl Hart, with more to come in the future.
The Notorious Clanton Gang - An informative web site by Terry 'Ike' Clanton, a relative of the OK Corral combatants, that tells the other side of the story.
Old West Legends - Old West Legends provides a wealth of information on outlaws, historic places and much more.
Tombstone - A site dedicated to the movie Tombstone, with lots of good information, links and .wav files from the movie.
Tombstone "The town too tough to die" - Dedicated to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
The Wild West - A site designed for kids and students to have a source of information about the wild west.
Wild West History Association - Wild West History Association is dedicated to providing publications and forums for the enlightenment and enjoyment of its members.
The Wild Wild West - Lots of great info on The Dalton Gang and Henry Starr, along with good links to other gunfighters.

Books Outlaws of the Old West books
Books Lawmen of the Old West books
Books Gunfighter books
Books Tombstone books (including the Earps, Holliday, Ringo, & Tombstone info.)


Fast Draw
Alamo Fast Draw Podcast - Fast Draw and western movie live on-line show Sunday & Wednesday evenings, or listen to the recordings later or download the podcast.
The Art of Fast Draw, with Cal Elrich - The ultimate video for learning everything you need to know about the sport of Fast Draw.
Bearspaw Fast Draw & Travelling Wild West Show - In Bearspaw, Alberta, Canada.
Cochrane Fast Guns - Fast Draw club in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.
Cowboy Fast Draw Association - Check out the background and rules for this very traditional style of Fast Draw.
Fast Draw Resource Center - Everything you ever wanted to know about Fast Draw, the fastest timed sport in the world.
Fast Draw 101 with Howard Darby - Insructional videos about the sport of Fast Draw. - Fast Draw in Germany.
Gunfighter Gulch - Lots of good historical information on the sport of Fast Draw.
The Hole In The Wall Gang Country and Western Club, UK - The biggest & best country and western club in the UK. We have Fast Draw, line dancing, live music.
How To Be A Master Gunfighter - A video by "Fastest Gun Alive", Cisko Guerra & "2001 Cowboy Action Shooting Champion", Kanada Kidd.
Ohio Fast Draw Association - Not just Ohio... they have members and contests all up and down the eastern parts of the US.
Oklahoma Shootist Society - Practitioners and exhibitors of the worlds fastest sport. Specializing in Cowboy Fast Draw.
Old Time Gunfighter Association - A fast draw organization with old west style fast draw.
Quick Draw Electronics - The Shooting Sports Timer is designed to be used to Practice fast draw shooting at a target as done in CFDA and WDFA competitions.
Thunderbird Fast Draw Club - A Fast Draw club that shoots out of Langley, B.C., near Vancouver.
World Fast Draw Association - The WFDA is the largest sanctioning body in the sport of Fast Draw. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to govern, preserve and promote the sport of Fast Draw.

DVD Fast Draw videos & DVDs

Cowboy Action Shooting
Alberta Frontier Shootists - Dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting and good clean fun in the province of Alberta.
The Bitter Creek Bunch - A group in California that promotes cowboy action shooting, as well as old west re-enactments.
Cas City - FAQ: Cowboy Action Shooting - A border town for the Internet Cowboy Action Shooter's outfit.
Cowboy Action Shooting Discussion Group - The name says it all. Cowboy Action Shooters will want to visit this discussion group often to find out what other shooters are talking about.
Dag's CAS Website - A site dedicated to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting - info, links, photos, poetry.
Hole In The Wall Gang - Cowboy Action Shooting in the NYC metropolitan area.
How To Be A Master Gunfighter - A video by "Fastest Gun Alive", Cisko Guerra & "2001 Cowboy Action Shooting Champion", Kanada Kidd.
The I.B.S.A.R.S. Shooting Club - IBSARS is a group of shooters that compete in action matches based on the Old West Gunfighters.
Northern Alabama Cowboy Action Shooting (plus tons of Reloading info) - As the title says, Cowboy Shooting and reloading.
Piney Woods Place - CAS in the northeast USA - SASS alias list - Stages & Scenarios.
Rocky Mountain Rangers - Club just north of Noxon, Montana.
Single Action Shooting Society - Everything you need to know about SASS and Cowboy Shooting.
Sun River Rangers Shooting Society - Host of Montana State Championship Shoot
The Texas Historical Shootist Society - A Cowboy Action club just north of Columbus, Texas.
Tin Star Ranch - A 370 acre, multi-million dollar Cowboy Action Shooting development near Fredericksburg, Texas.
Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting - Jim Barnard, known to many by his SASS alias, "Trailrider", has written "Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting", intended to answer questions most often asked by newcomers to the sport
Western Action Shootists Association - A new democratic cowboy shooting organization.

DVD Cowboy Action videos & DVDs to learn about CAS and improve your shooting
Books Cowboy Action Shooting books
Books Western Guns & Holster books

Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association - The big boy in the world of mounted shooting.
Las Vegas Mounted Shooting Association - For mounted shooting in southern Nevada.

Shooting Accessories & Services
Bandit Shooting Supplies - Fast Draw wax bullets, shells, targets, cleaners, blanks and reloading supplies.
Brigade GunLeather - Makers of fine Western Gunbelts and Holsters, crafted from high quality leather and materials.
The Bullet Barn - Manufacturers of Hard Cast Lead Bullets, made with Virgin Alloys, for all Reloaders demanding "Greater Accuracy".
Bullet 'N Press - If you love old guns and history, If you want to learn more about what you shoot and collect, you will enjoy receiving Bullet 'N Press!
C&R Wax Bullets - If you're competing in Fast Draw, practicing Cowboy Action Shooting, or simply training with your revolver, C&R Wax Bullets are an inexpensive and simple way to go.
CFDA Wax Bullet Shells - .45 caliber nickle-plated wax bullet shells from the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (available to non-members).
Cheyenne Cartridge Boxes - Premium quality antique style Old West & Victorian items for use or display.
Chisel & Plane Workshop - Producing the best quality handmade gun grips for cowboy action shooters and collectors, specializing in Colt and clone SAA and Ruger XRN-3RED and NEW XR3 grips.
Circle KB Cowboy Holsters - Makers of fine custom Holsters and traditional Cowboy Gear.
Country Classics Shooting Supplies - Importer and dealer, specializing in Guns of the Old West - located in Alberta, Canada
Custom Gun Works of the Single-Action Revolver by Bob Graham - Specializing in Cowboy Action and Fast Draw gunsmithing. Includes special conversion for Ruger Vaqueros and Blackhawks.
Custom Pen & Ink Portraits by Bob Graham - Specializing in Cowboy Action and Fast Draw portraits.
A Fistful of Leather - Custom leatherwork and repairs. Specialist in Gun Leather and fine leather goods for aficionados of the Old West.
Gripmaker - Sculpted, simulated ivory, and stag design grips for today's Cowboy Action Shooters and Reenactors.
Gunfighter 928 - Custom inlaid grips and holsters.
The Gunfighter's Book & Magazine Emporium - This is where you can find some of the best books and magazines on the Old West, Gunfighters, Outlaws, Lawmen, Shooting, and the Western lifestyle.
Hunters Supply - Hard cast lead bullets for Cowboys & Hunters.
James & Guns - Quality gunsmithing of the single action army revolver by Bob James, The Arizona Thumber.
Kirkpatrick Leather Company - Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather holsters since 1968.
Legendary Guns - Largest CAS Gun Store in Phoenix, AZ.
Liberty Leather - Western Gunleather & Gunstock Carving - Old West gunleather. We welcome custom orders. Gunstock carving that will transform your rifle or shotgun into a "presentation quality" work of art.
Lone Star Cowboy Gear - Quality Authentic gun leather and a wide selection of western merchandise (Badges, Clothing, non-firing Firearms, Postcards, Lithographs, & more).
Mernickle Custom Holsters - A leading producer of Fast Draw, Cowboy Shooting, Authentic Western, and Personal Carry holsters.
Off The Wall Gun Carts - Gun Carts suited for the rowdiest cowboys.
Precision Gun Works - Finest quality semi-finished stocks crafted from select American black walnut.
Rocky Top Leather - Magnificently hand crafted out of the highest quality genuine leather with superior durability
RustedFables Gun Leather - Custom designed gun leather, hand crafted in the traditions of the Old West. All cut from high quality 10 oz leather, fully lined, hand stitched and finished in deep rich color.
San Pedro Saddlery Co. - Holsters, Pistol Belts, Shotgun Belts, Rifle Belts, Badges and other good stuff from this leather craftsman in Tombstone, Arizona.
ShowDown GunFight - A unique speed shooting target system using wax bullets that can be used in Cowboy Action matches.
Silver Eye Handcrafted Frontier Knives & Leather Goods - Specializes in replicating the styles and materials of frontier knives and leather goods of the 1800's. Holsters include Cowboy Action and Fast Draw.
Spaghetti Western Replicas - Gunfighter gear inspired by Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns including hats, vests, gunbelts, ponchos and accessories.
Spitfires Wax Bullets - Two and a half years of development and testing different designs, with feedback from many top shooters, has produced the most accurate wax bullets on the market.
SWH Leatherworks - Custom maker of leather goods, specializing in Old-West style gun leather for Cowboy shooting sports and modern gun leather.
Top Brass Reloading Supplies by Scharch Mfg. - Makers of new and reconditioned brass casings, pistol nickel, bullets and reloading supplies. Top Brass also has brass with enlarged flash holes for blanks.
Trailrider Products - The Trailrider Products line includes 16 basic holster models, a dozen belts, and numerous belt pouches, cartridge and shotshell belt slides, and other accessories.
West Fargo - Gunsmith - Gunsmith for all your handgun needs. Specializing in Ruger Single Actions, Old and New models.
DVD Gunsmithing videos & DVDs for all sorts of cowboy guns, rifles and shotguns
DVD Reloading videos & DVDs for pistol, rifle and shotgun
DVD Holster Making video/DVD
Books Gunsmithing books
Books Muzzleloading firearms books from

Western Gun Manufacturers
American Western Arms - AWA has a proactive program towards recreating authentic American western firearms.
Cimarron Firearms - Firearms used taming the frontier in Texas and the American West.
EMF - The Finest in Reproduction Firearms of the Old West.
Lightning Rifle - Like the original, the USFA Lightning Magazine Rifle is available with a 26 round, octagon, or half-round barrel.
Uberti - Reproductions of historical firearms.
United States Firearms Manufacturing Co, Inc. - A leading New England firearms manufacturer of speciality historic guns including Single Action Army.


Wild West Re-enactors & Performers
Aces & Sixguns - Re-enactment group in Wichita, Kansas.
Alpine Outlaws - The most revered group of bad guys San Diego County has ever seen!
Arizona Ghostriders -Old West performance group in El Mirage, Arizona.
Arizona Territorial Rangers - Living history/historical re-enactment group in New Jersey.
Arizona Gunfighters - Bringing the legends and history of the Old West alive (based in Mesa, AZ)
Bitter Creek Outlaws - A group of low-down, dirty, rotten, mean, ugly personages that perform in southwest Wyoming.
Blood Creek Cowboys - An Old West gunfighters and stunt team in California.
Bob Hamm - Six-gun Twirling Champion - Fast & flashy six-gun twirling exhibition
Border Renegades - Based in Banning, CA performing old west melodramas at events throughout shouthern California.
Border Town Legends - Located in N.W. Arkansas, the Legends entertain where the infamous "Hell on the Border" is located.
Brazos Banditos - Reenactors from Texas.
Brazos Bottom Cow`ographers - Wild West gunfighter entertainers from central Texas.
Code of the West - Promoting 1880's history in a fun and entertaining way, with plays taken right from history books. Based in Moreno Valley, CA.
Concho Cowboy Co. - Reenactors in San Angelo, Texas.
Deguello Gunslingers - Local Re-enactment group in Yuma Arizona.
Doc Holliday Live - R.W. Boyle brings the good Doctor and his fascinating times back to life.
The Free Rangers - Old West entertainment in Oklahoma.
GhostRiders - Gunfighters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Goldfield Gunfighters - Old West reenactors performing out of the Goldfield Ghost Town north of Apache Junction, Arizona.
Goldrush Gunslingers - The Goldrush Gunslingers are a western entertainment group based in Central California dedicated to preserving the spirit and excitement of the old west.
Gunfighters for Hire - Premiere Wild West Reenactment group from Pioneertown, California dedicated to preserving the truth and legend of the Wild West.
Gunfighters Stunt Team - Gunfighters in Nevada.
Guns and Garters - Southern California group dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyles from the time period of 1870-1890 performing Old West shows dressed in period clothing.
Guns of the Golden West Association - Gunfight reenactors, trick shootists, and world calibre Fast Draw artists in Calgary, Canada.
Hole-in-the-Wall Gang - San Diego's largest charity gunfighter and parade group.
Howard Darby - World champion Fast Draw artist, gun spinning world champion, trick shooter. Lots of animations and videos to watch on this site.
Indian Territory Wild West Shows, LLC - TV/Movie performers, gunfighters, shows, parades, etc. Based in Oklahoma.
Karem Cowboys Old West Gunfighters - A unit of Karem Shrine in Waco, Texas.
Law Dogs 'N Ladies - We re-enact the Earps, Doc and their "SASSy" Women!
The Lawmen - UK based old west enactors.
The Legends of Crossroads - Old west reenactments and living history in Winnsboro, Texas.
The Legends of Texas - "Legends" was founded in 1981 in Fort Worth, Texas with the goal of preserving our rich Western heritage.
The Man Who Looks Like Wyatt Earp - Wild West Reenactor, enthusiast and Wyatt Earp look-a-like.
Mojave Muleskinners - A Southern California group dedicated to the spirit of the life and times of the men and women of the Wild West, and to the period 1860 - 1890.
Monarch Productions - Living History Presenters, Cowboys, Indians, Gunfights and more. Meet Doc Holliday, Kate Elder and a host of other famous faces from our past. Based in Colorado.
Nevada Gunfighters - Gunfighters in Minden, NV.
New Mexico Gunfighters Association - Gunfighter group located in Old Town, Albuquerque, keeping the spirit of the Old West alive.
Old Town Temecula Gunfighters - Old West Re-enactors in Southern California.
The Old West Gunslingers - Entertaining Re-enactments featuring Montana history.
Old West Production Company - Old West Reenactment and Gunfighters in Oklahoma.
Old West Society of Minnesota - A 160+ member organization dedicated to the safe enjoyment of frontier re-enactments and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.
The Outlaw Gunfighting Group - The Outlaws are a family friendly Old West reenactment act from Texas that plays to public and private functions with comedy, action and drama based skits.
Pahrump Gunfighters - Old West reenactors in Nevada.
Palestine Rangers - Located in Palestine, Texas, the Rangers perform for various events around the region.
Panther City Regulators - Old West reenactors in Fort Worth, Texas.
Paso del Norte Pistoleros - A non-profit educational, social, and fraternal family-oriented organization in North Carolina.
Pistols and Petticoats - Old West reenactors in Apache Junction, Mesa, Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.
Rocky Mountain Gunslingers, Inc. - Gunfighters in Woodland Park, Colorado
Roughneck Gunslingers - Old West gunfighters based in Texas.
San Joaquin Gunslingers - Old West reenactors in Fresno, CA.
Shadows Of The Past - A California gunfight group.
Six Guns and Shady Ladies - Old El Paso's wild west show.
Sixguns Entertainment - Comprised of members from southern Indiana and north central Kentucky.
Southwest Ghostriders - Comprised of members throughout San Diego, County, CA.
Spirits of the Old West - Central California Re-enactment group. Dedicated to preserving The Spirit Of The Old West
Southwest Legends Gunfighters - Old West reenactment group located in Apache Junction, Arizona.
Teddy Blue's Bunkhouse - A gunfighter in central California.
Tombstone Vigilantes, Inc. - A non-profit organization for the betterment of Tombstone: to promote a Western atmosphere and maintain publicity.
U.S. Territorial Marshals - California - Lawmen, bad guys, lovely ladies put on a shoot-em-up show for hire or charity.
WesTroupe - A California based old-west theatrical group specializing in intense dramas, over-the-top comedies, and everything in-between.
Whitehorse Ranch Regulators - A loose assembly of Old West reenactors that gather at the Whitehorse Ranch in Landers, CA.
Winchester Widows - San Diego County's premier all female reenacting and parade group.
Wyatt Earp Gunfighters Wild West Show, Inc. - South Florida's best Wild West show.

Western Performance Products
IAR, Inc. - Collectible-Quality Replica Firearms and Blank Firing Guns at the Best Prices.
Mark Allen Productions - The leading edge in western arena arts equipment.
Pleasant Valley Saddle Shop - Home of the world famous "Hollywood Holsters". Check out their fantastic show rigs.
Replica Guns Direct - Your source for Replica Guns, Blank Firing Guns and Historical Collectibles.
Replica Guns Swords - A collection of replica collector's commemorative western revolvers, blank firing guns and more!
War Wares - War Wares offers a large selection of military collectibles, re-enactment supplies, and historically accurate items.
Weapons Of Olde - Offers quality medieval weapons, Samurai wwords, Ninja swords, Lord of the Rings swords, replica guns, Civil War weapons, World War 2 weapons, and pirate weapons.

DVD Gunspinning & Trick Shooting videos & DVDs

Western Performance Towns & Amusement Parks
Rio Macho Pictures - Play Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday in "Gunfight at Tombstone," 25 and 40 minute Hollywood-style movies.
Rollins Creek - Survive the night in an old west town.
Sipokni West Old West Movie Town - A recreation of 1880's territorial town in Oklahoma where the Guns of Sipokni hide out.

Western Performance Information & Organizations
American Federation of Old West Reenactors - AFOWR is a national non-profit organization open exclusively to those groups and individuals that are committed to the highest standards of accuracy and period dress.
The Bullwhip FAQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about bullwhips.
Gunfighting and Old West Reenacting Discussion Group - For Wild West reenactors to exchange information on this exciting form of entertainment that helps to keep alive the spirit of the Old West.
The Lasso: A Rational Guide to Trick Roping - Carey Bunks' on-line book on everything you need to know about trick roping.
Living History Re-Enactor Network - Information on re-enacting.
Reenactment Guild of America - An organization of Living Historians, Educators, Entertainers and Reenactors dedicated to the preservation of an education regarding the History of America's 19th Century, primarily but not restricted to the American Old West.
The Reviewers' Consortium - Reviews on books about living history and associated subjects.
Six-Gun Skills: Gunspinning & Trick Shooting Discussion Group - Discussion forums for people interested in learning more about gunspinning, trick shooting, and any other six-gun skills.
The Wild West Arts Club - An organization for aficionados of the western arena arts.
The Whip Enthusiasts - A Dallas based club formed for the development of whip handling skills.
World Gunspinning Association - Enthusiastic support of Gunspinners and Gunspinning events.
Wild West Performers - Preserving and promoting western arts - list your talent.

Misc. Western Entertainment
Renegade Roper - The Renegade Roper is a unique brand of entertainment based in Alberta which features a life size fiberglass horse and calf mounted on a steel frame and provides you with the realistic feeling of roping a real calf, while allowing you to feel completely safe and at ease.

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