Bob Graham
Custom Pen and Ink Portraits
You can have a realistic portrait of you or your loved one, with an inset depicting a hobby, sport, or vocation.

Custom Pen and Ink Portraits
with an Action Figure Inset
(Size: 17 x 23)

A Bob Graham pen and ink portrait
A Bob Graham pen and ink portrait
(click on image to view larger copy)

Bob Graham in action Bob Graham has been in the advertising art field for over 25 years, using mostly pen and ink drawings to illustrate, design, and depict commercial messages in the printed media. His style of art can be used in many ways:
  • Showcasing Cowboy Action Shooting costumes, images.
  • Using original art for Xmas cards, special invitations, etc.
  • Promotional use to advertise organizations, activities, new membership drives, and more.
  • Special calendars for organizational promotion.
  • Or just to hang in the den for your own gratification.

Aside from his artwork, Bob has been competing in Fast Draw since 1959. He is the first man to ever achieve the record of four World Championships, and the only man to win a world title in three consecutive decades.

If you're in the need of gunsmithing services, please check out the Custom Gun Works of the Single-Action Revolver by Bob Graham.

For further information please contact Bob Graham at:


Phone: 210-907-0562
(Daytime or evening Texas time, thank you)

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