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Holsters & Gun Belts

Mernickle Custom Holsters has the largest selection of Western, Cowboy Action and Fast draw holsters on the Web. Now featuring the new Evil Roy, Holly Terror and Quick Cal Shooting systems.
Mernickle Custom Holsters

Spaghetti Western Replicas - Carrying a full line of Cowboy Fast Draw and Andy Anderson holsters. Many of these holsters were also used by the Western movie and TV stars of the last 50 years.

Trailrider Products - The Trailrider Products line includes 16 basic holster models, a dozen belts - including hunting rigs, Old West styles, and Old Army patterns, as well as numerous belt pouches, cartridge and shotshell belt slides, and other accessories.
Trailrider Products

Spaghetti Western Replicas - Our authentic western garb celebrates Sergio Leone's best, our favorite westerns starring Clint Eastwood as the heroic Man With No Name. Hats, holsters, ponchos, scarves, spurs, accessories.

Gunsmiths & Parts

James & Guns- Quality gunsmithing of the Single Action Army Revolver. Bob James proprietor - aka: The Arizona Thumber
James & Guns

Custom Gun Works of the Single-Action Revolver by Bob Graham - Specializing in Cowboy Action and Fast Draw gunsmithing. Includes special conversion for Ruger Vaqueros and Blackhawks.
Custom Gun Works of the Single-Action Revolver by Bob Graham

Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting - Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest-growing shooting sport to come along in years, and has spread far and wide around the globe. Now, Jim Barnard, known to many by his Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) alias, "Trailrider", has written "Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting", intended to answer questions most often asked by newcomers to the sport
Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting

Custom Pen & Ink Portraits by Bob Graham - Get a custom made pen and ink portrait depicting you in your best shooting form.

Custom Pen & Ink Portraits by Bob Graham


Bandit Shooting Supplies - Our product line includes wax bullets, blanks, brass, reloading supplies and continues to grow. Try our products and you will discover a clean, non toxic, and inexpensive way to enjoy shooting even more.
Bandit Shooting Supplies

C&R Wax Bullets - If you're competing in Fast Draw, practicing Cowboy Action Shooting, or simply training with your revolver, C&R Wax Bullets are an inexpensive and simple way to go.
C and R Wax Bullets

Spitfires Wax Bullets - The creation of Spitfires Wax Bullets came about from a disatisfaction with the accuracy of the available wax bullets. Two and a half years of development and testing different designs, with feedback from many top shooters, has produced the most accurate wax bullets on the market.
Spitfires Wax Bullets

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