Wyatt Earp
Virgil Earp
Doc Holliday
John Ringo
O.K. Corral & Tombstone

Wyatt Earp

I Married Wyatt Earp : The Recollections of Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp

"A sympathetic recollection of life with Wyatt Earp which reveals as much about Josie as Wyatt."--The Journal of San Diego History

Wyatt Earp : Frontier Marshal

The book that started it all. Lake actually interviewed Wyatt Earp in the 1920's to compile this book.

Wyatt Earp's Tombstone Vendetta

Based on a half-century of research. The author, a trusted associate of the Earp family since the 1940's tells the long awaited story of the Earps in Tombstone. The reason that Wyatt Earp came to Tombstone in the first place; the real story behind the political rivalries; the identities of the hired assassins who tried to wipe out the Earps; who paid them; the avenging Wyatt Earp and his posse and who they killed and Wyatt Earp talks, (off the record) about the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral." Rare and never before published photos are included.

The Winter Wolf : Wyatt Earp in Alaska

Alaskan writer Richard Parry makes his historical fiction debut with an exciting novel of Wyatt Earp and the Alaskan gold rush. Much has been written about Earp's days in Tombstone, but Parry carries the saga to Skagway and Nome, where Earp and his third wife went to strike it rich. (fiction)

Wyatt Earp

Virgil Earp

Virgil Earp : Western Peace Officer

As a peace officer in Prescott, Arizona, Virgil experienced his first street shootout, and it was there he met his future nemesis, Johnny Behan. In 1880, Virgil's brothers joined him in Tombstone, Arizona. Acting as both a town marshal of Tombstone and a U.S. deputy marshal, he led the Earp gang to the fateful gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Most records stop here, but Chaput fleshes out the rest of Virgil's life in California, Nevada, and other western states as a peace officer, gambler, miner and rancher. Now, for the first time, Chaput removes Virgil from the shadows of Wyatt and tells in detail the real leader of the Earp clan.

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait

Using previously undisclosed family documents and reminiscences as well as other primary sources, Tanner documents the true story of Doc's early life, his friendship with the Earp brothers and his run-ins with the law, including the climactic shootout at the O.K. Corral and its aftermath.
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"Thanks to the family documentation available to Karen, this book contains background information about Doc that I found fascinating." - Spinner

Doc Holliday : The Gunfighter

He came from the American South, a gentleman by breeding, a dentist by training, a gambler by vocation. But as Dr. John H. Holliday, a man fleeing his tragic past, drifted across the West, living among some of the roughest men on the frontier, word spread quickly--he never walked away from a fight, and he never drew too late. (fiction)

John Ringo

John Ringo

John Ringo died mysteriously in the Arizona desert, his death trumpeted by some, mourned by many, wrongly claimed by a few. Historian David Johnson has painstakingly researched family archives, documents, newspapers and other sources to bring us a full-length biography of one of the most enigmatic figures of the gunfighter era. A long-awaited book that separates fact from fiction, real life from legend in the tragic story of a western gunman.

John Ringo : The Gunfighter Who Never Was

"This book is an absolute must for students of Western outlaws and makes mighty fine reading for the 'armchair cowpoke.'"--The Californians
"Burrows has done a masterful job of collecting information about the elusive Western figure, John Ringo, and shows not only the man but the web of myth that has spun around him in the last century."--The Book Reader

O.K. Corral & Tombstone

And Die in the West : The Story of the O.K. Corral Gunfight

Described as the historian's bible of the OK Corral Shoot-Out and the incidents surrounding it.

Helldorado: Bringing the Law to the Mesquite

Originally published in 1928, these are the memoirs of Billy Breakenridge. Billy took part in the Sand Creek Massacre, here described from his own point of view. Helldorado really gets interesting with it description of early-day Tombstone where as deputy sheriff, Breakenridge encountered such luminaries as Wyatt Earp and his brothers, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Luke Short, John Ringo, and Buckskin Frank Leslie.

Street Fight in Tombstone, Near the O.K. Corral

Tombstone's Early Years

Tombstone, the Arizona town of morbid name and violent memories, at last has a chronicler who is as interested in facts as in legend. Myers has written the story of Tombstone's early years with painstaking research and commendable respect for verifiable records.

Tombstone's Epitaph

The news stories collected in this book are on-the-spot accounts and running news bulletins (including verbatim testimony) of the OK Corral gunfight and the trial that followed. But Tombstone's Epitaph is also the history of a frontier town as told through the eyes of its reporters. Editor John Clum (a former Indian agent) printed the truth as he saw it, mincing neither words nor opinions. His stories of "sporting men" such as Johnny-Behind-the-Deuce and "sporting women" such as Diamond Annie were printed alongside stories of mining enterprises, gambling, fires, stagecoach robberies, church socials and family picnics, births, weddings, and deaths.
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