Old West History

The Oxford History of the American West

The storybook version of the American West, brought to us by Hollywood and TV, assumes a conflict of two opposing forces: cowboys against Indians, say, or cattle barons against small farmers. The real history of the West involves the conflict--but also the union--of many forces and peoples. This was true during the Spanish colonization of New Mexico, the Mormon arrival in Utah, and, after World War II, the transformation of California from backwater into cutting-edge region. The cycle persists today, as the West continues to grow in population and political influence. In The Oxford History of the American West 28 professional historians gather to analyze the West's history; the result of their work is an important reference.

The Frontier in American History

One of the most influential and important books written about the impact of frontier life on a transplanted civilization. Present volume, reprinted from original 1920 edition, lucidly reflects Jacksonís thoughts on the frontierís role in promoting self-reliance, independence, democracy, immigration and westward expansion. A classic for students and teachers of American history and general readers interested in the many fascinating aspects of American expansion.

The American West: A New Interpretive History

This grand survey of the history of the American West presents a panoramic view of events and characters from the first contacts between Native Americans and Europeans through the 1990s. Illustrated with more than 150 contemporary drawings, posters, and photographs, the book presents in fascinating detail the frontier`s diverse peoples and cultures, landscapes, environmental history, literature, visual arts, and more.

The Cattle Towns

"Excellent . . . readable and persuasive. . . . One of the most refreshing and rewarding approaches to be applied to western history topics in many years." - American Historical Review

The Legacy of Conquest: The Unbroken Past of the American West

A new interpretation, demonstrating strong continuities between the trappers, traders, Indians, farmers, oilmen, cowboys, and sheriffs of the Old West and the economic realities of today's West

Legends and Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West

In this lively, humorous, and rational approach to the West's greatest puzzles, veteran historical writer Dale Walker presents a dozen of the biggest enigmas, including Davy Crockett's fate at the Alamo, the men who claimed to be Billy the Kid and Jesse James, the unexplained death of explorer Meriwether Lewis, and the fabled treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

Texas Indian Fighters

Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas, originally published in 1900, has been praised by reviewers for almost a century. This readable volume describes Indian fights and the activities of the famous Texas Rangers in detail. Sowell interviewed pioneers of the western frontier and presents their first-hand recollections.

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