I See by Your Outfit: Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains

A comprehensive guide to real working cowboys' -- not in the movies or on TV; on the open range of Wyoming, in the old days -- clothing and equipment. Hundreds of black and white photos and drawings; illustrations from historic catalogs; schematics of tack; diary entries and contemporary descriptions; history and the reasons behind the specific gear of the cowboys (and girls) of the Northern Plains from 1870 to just until the Great Depression. Best of all, the tone is enthusiastically academic rather than 'nostalgic.' This is the real thing -- a scholarly, well-organized and well-written book about a vanished world. - Eileen Garnett

Cowboy Gear : A Photographic Portrayal of the Early Cowboys and Their Equipment

A magnificent, full color documentary of our Western heritage, including saddles, spurs, boots, hats, and attitude. Cowboy Gear shows artifacts and collectibles from 1860 to 1920 as they were actually used by their original owners -- it's a true look into the daily lives of the men who settled the West.

The Cowboy: An Unconventional History of Civilization on the Old-Time Cattle Range

The American cowboy has long been a popular figure in fiction, motion pictures, and studies of the West, but over the years inaccuracies have crept in, distorting the image of the real cowboy. Philip Ashton Rollins, in The Cowboy, sets out to provide a complete, accurate handbook on the everyday life of the cowboy - trailing, herding, branding, round-up, and horsebreaking. He also discusses tools of the trade, including types of saddles, bits, riatas, boots, and spurs. Most vivid is his presentation of the cowboy's personality, code, mores, and amusements. This new paperback edition, a reprint of the enlarged (1936) edition, contains revisions to the text of the first edition, a new chapter on riding "buckers," thirty-one illustrations, and an index. In a new foreword, Richard W. Slatta discusses Rollin's life and compares modern histories of the cowboy with Rollins's classic volume.

Cowboys & the Trappings of the Old West

This is a very good book for those interested in all the various accessories that the cowboy (and cowgirl) used. It is a good reference for old west living history groups that need to authenticate costume articles to a particular time period. The pictures are top quality. - JArnerSr

The Cowboy Encyclopedia A comprehensive reference to both the common and the less known aspects of cowboy history, culture, and legend. Some 450 alphabetically arranged entries highlight the people, places, historical events, equipment and dress, terminology, and cultural imagery surrounding the cowboys of both North and South America. Black-and-white illustrations accompany some of the entries. Includes an extensive bibliography. A fine piece of work, both informative and entertaining. - Booknews, Inc.

Cowboy Lingo

The cowboy — that enigmatic, larger-than-life icon of our culture —has long been considered a figure of fast hands, steel nerves, and few words. But according to Ramon Adams, cowboys, once among themselves, enjoyed a vivid, often boisterous repartee. You might say that around a campfire they could make more noise than "a jackass in a tin barn."

Here in one volume is a complete guide to cowboy-speak. Like many of today's foreign language guides, this handy book is organized not alphabetically but situationally, lest you find yourself in Texas at a loss for words. There are sections on the ranch, the cowboy's duties, riding equipment, the roundup, roping, branding, even square dancing. There are words and phrases you'll recognize because they've filtered into everyday language — "blue lightnin", "star gazin", "the whole shebang" — plus countless others that, sadly, are seldom heard in current speech: "lonely as a preacher on pay night", "restless as a hen on a hot griddle", "crooked as a snake in a cactus patch."

As entertaining as it is authoritative, COWBOY LINGO captures the living speech of the Great Plains and serves as a window into the soul of the American West.

Western Words: A Dictionary of the Old West

Life of Billy Dixon : Plainsman, Scout, and Pioneer

Dixon wore many hats on the frontier, including that of a trapper, farmer, buffalo hunter, and cowboy, and he enjoyed them all. A facsimile of the 1927 original, this book conveys Dixon's enthusiasm for the wide-open West, telling of his hair-raising escapades in Indian battles as well as his calmer moments of the plains.

The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days

This is a Key Texas Book! "If all the other books on trail-driving were destroyed, a reader could still get a just and authentic conception of trail men, trail work, range cattle, cow horses, and the cow country in general from 'The Log of a Cowboy.'" - J. Frank Dobie.This is one of the most recommended narratives of cowboy life - all of my sources agreed you should have this. "Andy Adams’ book is clearly the real thing. It carries its own certificate of authentic first-hand experience on every page." - Chicago Herald.

We Pointed Them North

This bood chronicles the actual day to day business of taking a Texas trailherd north by one of the cowhands. Very factual, and detailed. By a real cowboy. - Rich Kayser, aka: Grat Dalton.
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