Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Pistol Shooting: Secrets of Fast and accurate Gunplay

This book will not only prepare the novice interested in taking up this sport, but provide valuable insight and expert advice to the intermediate and advanced shooter. Author Charles Stephens (How to Become a Master Handgunner), himself the descendant of Old West gunfighter Wood Hite, shares wisdom gleaned from 40 years of competitive pistol shooting to give cowboy action shooters the winning edge - from selecting the right pistols and gear to mastering the single-action revolver. You'll also hear true stories of the Old West, from why Jesse James was really murdered to the story behind one of the deadliest gunfights of the American West - the Tuttle dance hall massacre in Newton, Kansas. If you've ever longed to step back in time and relive the excitement of our Western heritage, this is the perfect guidebook.

Top Shooter's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy action shooting is the hottest firearms game around and Hunter Scott Anderson is a veteran of hundreds of these simulated gun battles. Now Anderson teaches shooters of all skill levels how to improve their shooting and their ranking among competitors.
- Tips for smooth transitions from revolver to rifle
- Teaches shooters to increase their speed safely
- How to reload faster for improved performance

Action Shooting: Cowboy Style: An In-Depth Look at America's Hottest New Shooting Game

The thunder of a Colt Peacemaker will ring in your ears as nationally known handgun expert John Taffin brings the lore of the Wild West to the era of modern shooting competition. Every aspect is explained for shooters of all levels. Let Taffin take you from the general store, where he'll show you the latest in Old Western garb, to the firing line where some of the best shooters around drop the hammer in search of a winning score. First printing in September 1999.

Cowboy Action Silhouette Rifle : Winning Techniques For Western Competition

After watching single-action revolver aficionados turn Cowboy Action Shooting into one of the most popular shooting sports in America, riflemen began to bring their iron-sight hunting and plinking rifles to the silhouette ranges. Their impromptu matches caught on quickly, and the National Rifle Association has now officially sanctioned the sport of Cowboy Action Silhouette Rifle. Author Charles Stephens (Cowboy Action Pistol Shooting and How to Become a Master Handgunner) explains the rules and describes the guns used in this new sport. He also includes tips on how to tune your equipment to achieve top performance and how to make simple modifications to your rifle to customize it for your own style of shooting. Most importantly, Stephens explains with detailed instructions and clear photos the rifle marksmanship basics for the 21st century.

Cowboy Action Shooting

"This introductory book gives the basics on how the matches are conducted and the techniques, guns and gunleather used ...much of it is given over to handloading..." - NRA American Rifleman Review October 1996

All About Cowboy Action Shooting

Author Ron "El Escritor" Harris tells the fascinating story of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), the fastest growing organization of its kind, with more than 30,000 members.
cover Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting
    by James W. Barnard - alias "Trailrider" / Paperback
    Jim Barnard, known to many by his Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) alias, "Trailrider", has written "Trailrider's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting", intended to answer questions most often asked by newcomers to the sport... What is the sport all about? What kinds of guns and ammunition are required, and how do we choose the best ones for us? How do we dress the part (a very important aspect of the game), what holsters and belts are authentic, and how do we sight in our guns for this kind of shooting?

    Throughout the book, safe gun handling and handloading practices are emphasized, providing a number of good tips for both newcomers and experienced shooters, alike.
    Value Priced at: $24.95

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